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Clubzz is the only mobile app that allows you to connect all of your wine clubs in one place to ensure that you get the most out of your membership experience. All so that you can enjoy more!

Join New Clubs and Wineries

Inside the Tasting Room or from anywhere else in the world, securely sign up for your next favorite wine club with just a few clicks on your mobile device. No more writing down your personal information on a piece of paper in a crowded tasting room!

Manage All Of Your Clubs

Stay up to date with all the important information about your wine clubs. Get shipping notifications, update credit card information, change addresses and renew memberships right from your pocket... anytime,  anywhere.

Discover New Favorites

Search and locate wineries to visit on your next wine trip, learn about their venue and promotions, or make a tasting reservation. Find special offerings from your favorite wineries, discover new wines to add to your cellar and even learn about new clubs to join.

Explore your Benefits

Never miss important dates and wine releases again. Get notifications, event invitations, special promotions and news from your all of your favorites wineries on your mobile device in one app. With one click, add directly to your calendar and share on social media.

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The Winery Region 

Are you a winery looking to expand your DTC strategy and leverage digital marketing to further grow your sales? The Clubzz mobile platform redefines how wineries will engage and connect with fellow members and other wine enthusiasts. Find out how you can:

  • Manage every aspect of your wine clubs, from the sign-up process, release notifications, member benefits to mobile marketing.
  • Promote your latest winery events, promotions and releases in-app direct to the consumer
  • Engage with your customers directly to increase member retention and grow your club
  • Reach new customers by making your brand and wine clubs visible to broader Clubzz community

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